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Update: New site blinky! (2024-04-15)

Welcome to the Galaxy Grotto!

This site is under a lot of construction lol

This place is a creative funhouse for my enjoyment. The homepage is gonna be a little relax spot, I'll put a couple of tables around to try and make a small little restaurant kind of vibe. For now just grab yourself a crystal pepsi and continue your web surfing my good friend! (hi this is future me who still hasn't put any tables or chairs down because I haven't looked for any gifs or pics of them lol, i swear at some point i might do something)

I created this site because I wanted to try out a new hobby, idk how to code but I'm starting to learn and its not too bad. This site is gonna have gifs and badges and such that I've slowly been collecting during my time web surfing. I hope you aren't suprised by the messyness of this site or the insane procrastination. I'm gonna try and set up a midi player at some point because I have a good bit of those laying around on my computer, I honestly kinda thought about making my own midi music at some point, but thats something for later.

This site is best seen on a computer and probably looks really bad on mobile. Sorry not sorry mobile users lol. Mobile users unfortunatley cannot see the crystal bepis.
god i love the internet lmao, I can literally do whatever the fuck I want on this site
If you click on the little spooky kitty in the corner it will chase your cursor around!
This will ultimitely be forever under construction like most other sites in the web revival, but thats why I like the web revival, it's always changing. I gotta spend some time reading up how to master the web. Happy surfing!

Some cool people from the internet superhighway

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crystal pepsi
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Everytime I look at the html I forget what I want to do lol

Once i actually start getting to more things on here there will be an about page and stuff i hope, ooo and I think I want to make one of those entrance pages, like the ones that don't really have much but a thing that says enter, that would be cool. Anyways hope you like procrastination!
Oh hello again surfers, I got more gifs and photos to put on here, also sonic the cursor will most likely be changed to a green cursor because sure. I'll put sonic in the images page because yes. the midi player is a pain in my ass, but I will not stop until it works, the easier option is to make it a mp3 but no. uhhh I'm gonna leave it here and hopefully I feel real enough tonight that I work on this. enjoy mr blue skull

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